Advanced Project Division

This division promotes collaborative research with industries. Each research field also offers a free and flat platform for intellectual exchange and discussions between industries and the university from which basic research for creating industrial seeds will be performed. The aim is to develop from basic to large-scale research projects that will contribute to and create new industries. Staffed with full-time faculty members in the following 5 research fields closely related to regional industry and some of the world’s top-level research achievements, this division is leveraged to promote global industry-academia-government collaboration on the basis of open innovation.


Functional Devices :
Development of Processing and Device for Advanced Semiconductor Contribute to Sophisticated Information Society
by Prof. Reiji Hattori, Associate Prof. Dong Wang, Associate Prof. Keisuke Yamamoto
Functional Materials :
Development of Functional and Environmentally Conscious Glass-Ceramic Materials
by Prof. Shigeru Fujino
New Energy :
Synthesis of Nanomaterials for Energy and Electronic Applications
by Distinguished Prof. Hiroki Ago
Photonic Systems :
Development of Devices and Systems for the Next Generation Display
by Prof. Reiji Hattori
International Atmospheric Environment :
Design Management for Sustainable Low Carbon Society
by Vice-Director / Prof. Daewoong Kim, Associate Prof. Yuriko Hayabuchi
Research area of social value creation type collaboration project :
Social value creation type collaboration project
by Vice-Director / Prof. Katsuhiko Furukawa
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