Photonic Systems

Prof. Reiji Hattori

Prof. Reiji Hattori

In this project division, we are engaged in research and development of Flat Panel Displays (FPD’s) and its peripheral technologies. Specifically speaking, FPDs currently working in our laboratory are "Organic light-emitting display" and “Micro-LED display.” We are also challenging aggressively to develop of a quite new display which the industry cannot challenge.

In addition, we are also conducting the research of organic electronics which are important technology to fabricate a large-area and flexible display. We pick up the promising organic materials and research the device structure and fabrication process to realize the display panels. Organic electronics is a fundamental technology which brings the drastic change in cost and function of the next generation display. It is possible for the chemical suppliers and equipment manufacturers to start at the first stage in the collaboration.

To create a display with new principle, wide range of knowledge from material to system is required. We are eager to collaborate with industry in a new aspect gathering the young and flexible wisdom in university.

Project name:

Development of Devices and Systems for the Next Generation Display

Project leader:

Prof. Reiji Hattori

6F, GIC Bldg., Chikushi Campus
PHONE : +81-92-583-7887
FAX : +81-92-583-7887

Research Contents

  1. Flat Panel Display
    • Research of µ-LED display driving
    • Transparent flexible display
    • Research of Oxide TFT
    • Device simulation analysis of OLED and OTFT
    • Free focus AR glass
  2. Sensor devices
    • Capacitive coupling ECG sensor
    • OLED/OPS hybrid pulse oximeter device
    • Mental sweating sensor
    • Self-capacitive in-cell touch panel
    • Personal authentication touch panel
  3. Wireless Power Transmission
    • Shielded capacitive coupling wireless power transfer
    • Application to EV charging/Drone/Robotics

KOINE Research Platform:Lit Space System

This research platform aims to build a bridge connecting humans and lighting space. We will return to the relationship between natural light and the human living environment, review the concept of lighting environment, and develop a new Human Lighting Space Technology. Regarding the relationship among health, quality of life and lighting illumination, from the building engineering to the neurophysiology, the fundamental theory of interdisciplinary in the humanities and sciences will be constructed, and finally the future lighting space which can activate and improve the living environment of the human being will be achieved.


  1. Distinguished Contributed Paper of SID '04 (Society for Information Display, 2004)
  2. Best Paper Award (AM-FPD '06)
  3. IDW Best Paper Award (IDW '07)
  4. IDW '04, '07, '11 and '13 Outstanding Poster Paper Award


  • PO2007-324453
    “Organic field-effect transistor and its application for integrate circuit and electronic device” and other 30 patents.
Cylindrical Air LED Display

Cylindrical Air LED Display



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