International Atmospheric Environment


Prof. Daewoong Kim

Associate Prof. Yuriko Hayabuch

Associate Prof. Yuriko Hayabuch

International atmospheric environment domain acts with task that were performed by former Design Division. The task keeps on promoting and supporting the industry-university-government collaboration project and research contributing to the progress of design activities.

Project name:

Design Management for Sustainable Low Carbon Society

Project leader:

Vice-Director / Prof. Daewoong Kim

Bldg.5 607, Ohashi Campus
PHONE : +81-92-553-4519
FAX : +81-92-553-4519

Associate Prof. Yuriko Hayabuchi

3F, Advanced Design Project Bldg., Ohashi Campus
PHONE : +81-92-553-4585
FAX : +81-92-553-4584

Research Contents

This project aims to conduct practical research of design management for creation of the sustainable low carbon society in the domestic region and Asian countries by industry-university-government collaboration. Specially, the studies contents are as follows:

  1. Development of energy demand and supply system in the regional scale for analyzing regional development and sustainability
  2. Study of design approach for establishing strategic methodology of regional innovation from the plastic recycle loop system and economy in the region
  3. Study on climate policies to reduce CO2 emissions in the regional and Asian countries
  4. Analysis of mitigation and adaptation measures to climate change

Professional and Outreach Activities

Participating in the review process of greenhouse gas emissions and removals inventory annual submissions of the Annex I Parties that are also Parties to the Kyoto Protocol as the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) expert reviewer

KOINE Research Platform:Digital Content Design

Through supporting the production of environments conducive for experimental work using cutting edge media technology, the department creates unique content and media art through fusing artistic sensitivity and science and conducts scientific research and evaluations of entertainment content.

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