Functional Materials

Prof. Shigeru Fujino

Prof. Shigeru Fujino

This project aims to research advanced functional and environmentally conscious glass-ceramic materials.

They have attracted interest because of its excellent properties such as thermal resistance, chemical durability and mechanical strength, and high optical transmittance.

We are engaged in research and development of transparent optoelectronics materials with nano structures.

We especially focus on new eco-friendly method of preparing functional glass from mesoporous material consisted from nano particle and organic polymer. The excellent characters of the novel transparent materials would be conducive to its use for next generation optoelectronics and bio industry fields (e.g., optical sensor, light guide, optical lens, microchip display).

In addition, we propose a novel noncontact method for measuring the physical properties and structure of high-temperature glass melt. From the view point of environmentally conscious manufacturing, this method enables in situ monitoring of viscosity change in micro-liter order liquids. We have focused on the acoustic properties of functional glass and are developing the world's first silica glass pick for guitar.

Supercheap way of making high-performance optical glass

Supercheap way of making
high-performance silica glass

Advanced functional glass materials(Nano imprint and photo luminescence glass)

Advanced functional glass material
using 3D laser fabrication method
(e.g., crane)

Project name:

Development of Functional and Environmentally Conscious Glass-Ceramic Materials

Project leader:

Prof. Shigeru Fujino

4F, GIC Bldg., Chikushi Campus
PHONE : +81-92-583-8773

Research Contents

  1. Development of functional glass-ceramic materials
    • Fabrication of transparent sintered glass using 3D laser method
    • Development of polymer and inorganic mesoporous glass materials
    • Nano structural silica glass by room imprinting
    • Printable photoelectronics
  2. Measurement of properties and structure of glass melts using laser spectroscopy
  3. Development of musical instruments utilizing the special acoustic properties of functional glass

KOINE Research Platform:Functional Glass materials

We construct open innovation model for functional glass and ceramics, which leads to create next-generation industries. We also especially focus on material processing and develop application for optical, electronic, and medical fields.

Projects (selected)

  • AGC Research Collaboration Program, FY2020-2021.
  • START(Program for Creating Start-ups from Advanced Research and Technology), FY2018-2020.
  • JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Exploratory Research, FY2012-2014.
  • JST Adaptable and Seamless Technology Transfer Program through Target-driven R&D, 2011.
  • JSPS Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (C), FY2009-2011.
  • Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. Research Collaboration Program, FY2007-2010.
  • JST-project to develop "innovative seeds" 2009.


  • US-2020-140318、EP3626693、EP3266752、ZL201680012043.9

    Composition for inorganic molded article production use, and method for producing inorganic molded article and other 20 patents


  • Powder Metallurgy Young Scientists Award 2010
  • Cooperative Research and Development Award, Kyushu University 2008
  • Cooperative Research and Development Award, Kyushu University 2007
  • MMIJ Young Scientists Award 2003
  • Corning Research Grant Award 1998
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