Towards New Open Innovation Platform Creation

Director of GIC

Director of GIC
(Global Innovation Center,
Kyushu University)
Executive Vice President

I’m Dr. Susumu FUKUDA, an Executive Vice President (and was in charge of Research and Industry- Academia-Government Cooperation) at Kyushu University. I have taken office as the 3rd director of GIC on April 1,2021. I will dedicate all of my energy to the development of GIC, so thank you in advance for working with me.

At Kyushu University, the ”Advanced Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research” has started as a contact site for private industries in 1994, and was later expanded with the Liaison and Project divisions in 1999. In 2003, this was integrated with the Kyushu Institute of Art and Design, and at the same time, the “Art, Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research, Kyushu University” (KASTEC) was established including the Design division , which was changed to GIC in 2016. We have been planning the reorganization of our center by constructing a new open innovation platform since 2021.

The importance of industry-academia-government collaborations is commonly recognized in the world as a matter of creating new technologies and new industries for our country and the world. When we look back at the history of science and technology, the technology supported by academia being genuine, is the only such technology that can survive. Also, the fundamental science developed during the creation process of new technology is not only the common asset of humans but also contribute greatly to human resources, etc. Therefore, there is great expectation that successfully constructing the industry-academia-government collaboration mechanism will create the necessary technology for the next generation of new industries.

In recent years, the Science and Technology Basic Plan has made, major changes, from executing and prioritizing R & D to solving problems by placing full importance on innovation. The mission of GIC is to promote industry-academia-government collaboration based on “open innovation” as well as joint research and development of technology. Although the term “open innovation” can be frequently heard, the idea and definition of open innovation can be considered different depending on the person. At GIC, we proposed KOINE (Kyudai global Open Innovation Network Engine) as its model and would like to create a new style of industry-academia-government collaboration accordingly. We consider that GIC's role is to spread its activities and style throughout Kyushu University.

KOINE has its origin in "lingua franca," a word used in ancient Greece that means common language. With the KOINE platform, people engaged in different kinds of research and development fields or activity areas with various languages, purposes and dreams, will take on the challenge of creating innovation by sharing and understanding objectives through free discussion or exchange, tackling various themes and research fields, regardless of classification, size or history of domestic or overseas regions and organizations.

In cooperation with the Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office, which is the center for research and industry-academia-government collaboration promotion support, and also in unified coordination with entrepreneurship education that Kyushu University is promoting, the GIC aims to position itself as the center for the creation of venture businesses and new industries together with all of you. With your cooperation and guidance, each and every member pledges to be always devoted toward our combined future endeavors. Thank you very much for your continued support.

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