Towards the Further Development of Industry-Academia-Government Collaborations at Kyushu University

Director of GIC

Director of GIC
(Global Innovation Center,
Kyushu University)
Executive Vice President

The importance of industry-academia-government collaborations is commonly recognized in the world as a matter of creating new technologies and new industries for our country and the world. When we look back at the history of science and technology, the technology supported by academia being genuine, is the only such technology that can survive. Also, the fundamental science developed during the creation process of new technology is not only the common asset of humans but also contribute greatly to human resources, etc. Therefore, there is great expectation that successfully constructing the industry-academia-government collaboration mechanism will create the necessary technology for the next generation of new industries.

At Kyushu University, the Advanced Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research started in 1994 as an industry-academia-government collaboration contact site for private industries. In 1999, the center was restructured into the Liaison Division and Project Division. Then in 2003, in line with the integration of the Kyushu University and the Kyushu Institute of Design, a General Design Division was added, and the organization's name was changed to the "Art, Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research, Kyushu University (KASTEC)". Thereafter, when the importance of innovation was emphasized in the 5th Science and Technology Basic Plan, a major change took place in the focus of research and development: from a domain once based on traditional fields, to one aimed at problem-solving. Accordingly, the center was reorganized as the Global Innovation Center (GIC), a structure combining the Advanced Project Division and KOINE (Kyudai global Open Innovation Network Engine) Project Division. In this way, GIC and its predecessor organization transformed according to the changing needs of the society of the time, and led in industry-academia-government collaboration and open innovation.

From FY2020, under the leadership of the President, the University's industry-academia-government collaboration organizations, including GIC, gathered to discuss how industry-academia-government collaboration organizations should be organized for the further development of education and research at Kyushu University. This discussion led to the establishment of the "Open Innovation Platform" in April 2022, which aimed to advance Kyushu University's education and research by supporting industry-academia-government collaboration projects. The function of the GIC's KOINE Division was transferred to the Open Innovation Platform. The Advanced Project Division has been moving forward with activities to fulfill its mission of leading industry-academia joint research and open innovation research for all schools of the University since 1999. Twenty-five years after its establishment, however, industry-academia joint research has largely taken root in all schools. Therefore, its function will be transferred to the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and Faculty of Design in FY2024 to strengthen industry-academia-government collaboration for the two faculties.

In the thirty years since the establishment of GIC's predecessor, the Advanced Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research, GIC has been leading Kyushu University's industry-academia-government collaboration and open innovation. In order to further advance the development of industry-academia-government collaboration and open innovation of the University, GIC will be dissolved in FY2023. Starting in FY2024, the functions, accumulated knowledge, and networks possessed by GIC will be handed over to the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, the Faculty of Design, and the Open Innovation Platform, which is the industry-academia-government collaboration support organization for all of Kyushu University.

I would like to express my deepest appreciation for the tremendous support and cooperation given to the GIC over the years, and ask for your continued support and understanding.

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