Smart Community Research Platform


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KOINE Smart Community research platform is aimed to explore the feasibility for sustainable regional circulation society based on foods, energy and information.


Project name:

Sustainable smart-town based on local foods, energy, and information


Divisional Director / Prof. Yuichi Harada

1F, GIC Bldg., Chikushi Campus
PHONE: +81-92-583-7873

Research Subject

In the Cold Tech research platform, the main theme is how we can effectively use cold and we have found the good example that the integration of a green house and a data center can reduce the total thermal energy. Since then, the discussion was widened to consider the integration with private 5G, dc microgrid, and sustainable energy, to realize sustainable butteries, the integration with a local micro-mobility, how to use local big data to create various value-added business, and metaverse community where the real life is superimposed with the digital life.

The central idea for all of discussion is to realize sustainable local community with keeping the good environment. This is the reason why we decided to rename the research platform from Cold Tech to Smart Community.

Smart Community research platform discuss how we can make up the sustainable social system with local resources and what kind of technical components are necessary. After making up the plan, we may explore the proof of concept on the system together with local communities. Recently we discuss the usage of abandoned cold heat from LNSs and LHGs, sustainable regional data center with effective energy usage, and business model with the integrated big data and datasphere.

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