GIC consists of the Advanced Project Division, KOINE Project Division, and Visitors Division, as shown in the table below. Each division features and promotes a novel type of industry-academia-government collaboration based on the KOINE concept.

The Advanced Project Division promotes joint research in collaboration with the private sector and will focus on basic research to create industrial seeds for the next generation of industry. Furthermore, the Advanced Project Division aims to develop basic to large-scale research projects that will contribute to the creation of new industries. This division is leveraged to promote global industry-academia-government collaboration based on the principles of open innovation.

The KOINE Project Division promotes creation of new research platforms based on industry-academia-government collaboration and Kyushu University’s unique open innovation initiative. This division aims to create “new value” based on shared recognition of new research fields and new industries brought forth through discussions among people of various backgrounds from inside and outside of Kyushu University.

The Visitors Division invites researchers from industry as visiting professors who will support GIC initiatives.

Organization chart

Director of Global Innovation Center, Kyushu University (Executive Vice President)

Vice Directors of Global Innovation Center (Chikushi District: 1 person, Ohashi District: 1 person)

Advanced Project Division Functional Devices
Functional Materials
New Energy
Photonic Systems
International Atmospheric Environment
Research area of social value creation type collaboration project
KOINE Project Division NanoFactory research platform
Smart Community research platform
Visitors Division To promote projects by inviting guests from corporations, etc., under close coordination with the Advanced Project Division and KOINE Project Division.
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