Soft-Mechanics I

Visiting Researcher from Applicant Masaaki Hamada

Visiting Researcher from Applicant
Masaaki Hamada

Soft-mechanics I area concerns welfare equipment and business models in which the welfare equipment is used. Various element technologies are involved in soft-mechanics, which is required in the development of nursing care robots featuring “human-robot collaborative control.”Thus, this R & D project is carried out by comprehensive collaboration involved by graduate schools and a center of Kyushu University. (i.e. fields of Section of Mechanical, Section of design, Counseling and Health Center and Kyushu University Hospital)

H.C.R. 2016

H.C.R. 2016
(Bed sore prevention mattress)

H.C.R. 2016

H.C.R. 2016
(Walking assist suit)

Itoshima Frailty Study

Itoshima Frailty Study (IFS)
(Measurement with foot pressure balance meter)

Frailty Check Project trial

Frailty Check Project trial
(Kyushu University Health Care System: LABO Itoshima)

Project name:

Research and Development (R & D) for Welfare Equipment Business Related to Bed Sore Prevention and Walking Assistance as well as “Frailty” Prevention Business Including Its Business Model

A Principal Researcher:

Prof. Katsuhiko Furukawa

Academic Research and Industrial Collaboration Management Office of Kyushu University
(744 Motooka, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, 819-0395, JAPAN)

Project leader:

Visiting Researcher from Applicant
Masaaki Hamada


Fureai Labo, Social Welfare Council Center Fureai
(1 Shimahatsu, Itoshima-City, 819-1312, JAPAN)
PHONE : +81-92-327-8181 / FAX:+81-92-327-1560

Research overview

This research concerns;

  • “anti-bed sore mattress” employing smart rubber (SR) technologies and “soft, flexible and lightweight walking assist suit” having functions to support walking as well as walking training, aiming to provide support in care-giving and for self-reliance in order to cope with population aging, and
  • “creation of frailty prevention system with ‘IoT’” utilizing research achievements from Itoshima Frailty Study (IFS), aiming to extend healthy life expectancy as well as prevent the elderly from needing nursing care in a super aging society.

For the above research, in this project, we conduct demonstration experiments with products under development, aiming to put them into practical use, and enhance technologies required for product realization. Furthermore, aiming to realize a social model utilizing products developed, in which welfare measures and business are compatible with each other, a joint welfare project by Itoshima City, Kyushu University and Sumitomo Riko Company Limited is underway.

Aims and roles in three-party Agreement

Aims and roles in three-party Agreement

Participating Organization

Itoshima City, Kyushu University, Kyushu University Hospital and Sumitomo Riko Company Limited

Three-party agreement signing ceremony

Three-party agreement signing ceremony
From left to right,
CEO Nishimura (Sumitomo Riko),
President Kubo (Kyushu University),
Mayor Tsukigata (Itoshima City)

Project achievements

  • JST A-STEP “Seeds Development Type” project, 2012.10 to 2015.3 (completed)
  • Exhibition in Int. Home Care & Rehabilitation (H.C.R) Exhibition, 2011 to 2018 (Tokyo)
  • Exhibition in Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) Fair 2015 (Tokyo)
  • Exhibition in World Engineering Conference and Convention (WECC) 2015(Kyoto)
  • LABO Itoshima established by Itoshima City, Kyushu University and Sumitomo Riko (2016.4)
  • Itoshima Frailty Study (IFS) started (2017.4)
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