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KOINE Cold Tech research platform is aimed to explore the feasibility for sustainable regional circulation symbiotic society based on total energy reduction.


Project name:

Regional circulation symbiotic system on food, energy, and information


Divisional Director / Prof. Yuichi Harada

1F, GIC Bldg., Chikushi Campus
PHONE: +81-92-583-7873

Research Subject

The concentration of population to metropolis area makes economic growth by the integration of capitals and that concentration is the fundamental drive for its own growth. Enhanced city functionality brings the improvement in quality of life due to convenience of life and enjoyable life atmosphere by various cultural activities. Hence, this improvement accelerates further concentration to metropolis area. As the result, overconcentration increases the environmental load resulting in worse circumstance of life. Furthermore the economic gap between metropolis and less-populated areas are expanded largely. Now the government explores the possibility for sustainable distributed society system.

In the KOINE Cold Tech research platform, we discussed energy problems from the view point of diverse industries and found that the integration of smart farm and data center could bring total reduction of energy and may stimulate various new businesses from this integration. We now make the plan of the proof of concept on this integrated industrial system and also discuss feasible businesses based on this integrated system.

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