ANtech: Advanced materials for Automotive

Prof. Makoto Mizoguchi

Prof. Makoto Mizoguchi


Recent automotive situation is facing the revolutionary period in terms of the power (FCV, EV, HEV), control (auto driving), communication (health care, application, media cooperation). Therefore, the demands for the next-generation automotive are constantly increasing. Due to this situation, the technical innovation is the urgent task to the materials of the wire harness that is linking each function of the automotive.

Participating organization

Kyushu University,
AutoNetworks Technologies, Ltd.

Project name:

Development of the Novel Wire Harness for the Automotive

Project leader:

Divisional Director / Prof. Makoto Mizoguchi

2F, GIC Bldg., Chikushi Campus
PHONE : +81-92-583-7874
FAX : +81-92-583-7209

Object of Research

Our laboratory promotes the study to be concerned with the organic synthesis mainly on automotive advanced materials, particularly the constituent materials of wire harness and the construction of the basic theory of the materials and application.
This project aims to the development of materials that is superior in utility, taking in the concept that is not only in a technique but cost and safe, by using with utilizing the collaboration with the private organization.

Research Contents

Our core technologies are showed in below, and the research contents are showed in Table 1.

Core technology A) Synthetic technique of bonding material and compatible agent, for the different kind of materials interface.
Core technology B) Synthetic technique of curable materials and the application technology as automotive materials.
Core technology C) Analysis (visualization) technique of materials.


Demands for next-generation automotive, and Research contents

Demand Basic concept Research contents Core
Reduction of the energy consumption Reinforcement and weight saving of the material ●Compatibilizing of the different kind macromolecule
●Surface protection of the light metal
Reduction of material consumption ●Coating materials
Adhesive materials
Competitiveness acquisition of the product Development and differentiation of new materials ●Ultra-sensitive photocurable material B,C
Reducing cost of materials ●Modifier of the recycling plastics A,C

Automotive Wire Harness

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