KOINE is the abbreviation of Kyudai global Open Innovation Network Engine but is also an English word originated from ancient Greek to represent common language and common understanding.
KOINE indicates the framework of collaborative idea creation based on open innovation scheme by Kyushu University.
KOINE provides opportunities for its members to discuss complex problems in research, business, and society from many viewpoints of members with different backgrounds and disciplines. Eventually discussion forms the common basis for tackling such problems for everyone and could bring unexpected idea and means for solving problems.

01 KOINE meetings provide the opportunities for solving industrial/social problems.


Feel freely to bring your industrial/social problems and patents not to serve any purpose to the KOINE office. We will consult you and if it is fundamental and necessary to discuss with many others, KOINE meeting in a specific research platform will be set up. The information on KOINE meeting only shared among members.
KOINE meetings are held once a month and you can join when you sign the non-discloser agreement which claim you to manage disclosed information in your organization by yourself.

02 KOINE meetings provide practical solutions for your problems.

After finding the solution for your problem, you can tackle it by making the research/development contract among members. Discussion among members is open, but the practical solution would direct by closed members to secure its value.

03 KOINE provides sharing resources globally.

Each KOINE research platform shares various resources, such as shared knowledge on subjects, know-hows and equipment, via open-source software, Jupyter notebook and you can collaborate globally.

04 KOINE meetings nurture prominent researchers/managers with leadership.

KOINE meetings encourage you to take leadership. In the collaborations with QREC or Robert T. Hung Entrepreneurship Centre, you can gain an understanding an entrepreneurship and obtain a mindset of entrepreneur.

KOINE Research Platforms

Currently we offer six KOINE research platforms. However, new research platforms can be made by your request.

PF1: NanoFactory
Aim to realize material growth, fabrication process development and various analysis in the nano-scale.

PF2: NanoFoundry
Investigation for two dimensional materials from fundamental synthesis to the industrial applications.
PF3: Cold Tech
Aim to gain total energy efficiency for complex industrial systems based on thermal energy.
PF4: Agri-food
Stimulated discussion among farmers, researchers, and restaurant chefs that could find out specific local products and sustainable and effective circulations for products.
PF5: Open Data & Analysis
Aim to establish the ways to use specific big data as open data and to find out the analytical methods to handle huge data.
PF6: Quantum Science & Technology
Aim to establish quantum computation system in collaborations with foreign institutes.


KOINE meeting Office
Global Innovation Center, Kyushu University
6-1 Kasuga-koen Kasuga-city Fukuoka 816-8580 JAPAN
Email : koine_jimu(at)gic.kyushu-u.ac.jp  #Replace (at) to @

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