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[157] S. Hirokawa, H. Teshima, P. Solis-Fernandez, H. Ago, Q.-Y. Li, K. Takahash*
"Pinning in contact and non-contact manner: Direct observation of three-phase contact line using graphene liquid cells"
Langmuir, in press (2021).

[156] Y.-C. Lin*, A. Motoyama, S. Kretschmer, S. Ghaderzadeh, M. Ghorbani-Asl, Y. Araki, A. V. Krasheninnikov, H. Ago, K. Suenaga*
"Polymorphic phases of metal chlorides in the confined 2D space of bilayer graphene"
Adv. Mater.,in press (2021).

[155] H. G. Ji,* U. Erkılıç, P. Solís-Fernández, H. Ago*
"Stacking orientation-dependent photoluminescence pathways in artificially stacked bilayer WS2 nanosheets grown by chemical vapor deposition: Implications for spintronics and valleytronics"
ACS Appl. Nano Mater., 4(4), 3717-3724 (2021) (link ).

[154] R. Das,*, P. Solís-Fernández, D. Breite, A. Prager, A. Lotnyk, A. Schulze,* H. Ago
"High flux and adsorption based non-functionalized hexagonal boron nitride lamellar membrane for ultrafast water purification"
Chem. Eng. J., 420, 127721 (2021) (link ).


[153] D. Inukai, T. Koyama, K. Kawahara, H. Ago, H. Kishida*
"Electronic states of electrochemically doped single-layer graphene probed through Fano resonance effects in Raman scattering"
J. Phys. Chem. C, 124(48), 26428-26433 (2020) (link).

[152] U. Erkılıç, H. Ago*
"Type-I heterostructure and improved phase stability of formamidinium lead iodide perovskite grown on WS2"
Evergreen, 7(3), 323-328 (2020) (link ).

[151] Y. Uchida, K. Kawahara, S. Fukamachi, H. Ago*
"Chemical Vapor deposition growth of uniform multilayer hexagonal boron nitride driven by structural transformation of metal thin film"
ACS Appl. Electron. Mater., 2(10), 3270-3278 (2020) (link ).

[150] U. Erkılıç, H. G. Ji, E. Nishibori, H. Ago*
"One-step vapour phase growth of two-dimensional formamidinium-based perovskite and its hot carrier dynamics"
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 22(37), 21512-21519 (2020) (link ).

[149] P. Solís-Fernández,* Y. Terao, K. Kawahara, W. Nishiyama, T. Uwanno, Y.-C. Li, K. Yamamoto, H. Nakashima, K. Nagashio, H. Hibino, K. Suenaga, H. Ago*
"Isothermal Growth and Stacking Evolution in Highly Uniform Bernal-Stacked Bilayer Graphene"
ACS Nano, 14(6), 6834-6844 (2020) (link ).

[148] S. Hirokawa, H. Teshima, P. Solís-Fernández, H. Ago, Y. Tomo, Q. Li, K. Takahashi*
"Nanoscale Bubble Dynamics Induced by Damage of Graphene Liquid Cells"
ACS Omega, 5, 11180-11185 (2020). (link ).

[147] Y.-C. Lin*, H. G. Ji, L.-J. Chang, Y.-P. Chang, Z. Liu, G.-D. Lee, P.-W. Chiu, H. Ago, K. Suenaga*
"Scanning Moiré Fringe Method: A Superior Approach to Perceive Defects, Interfaces, and Distortion in 2D Materials"
ACS Nano, 15, 6034-6042 (2020) (link ).

[146] A. S. Aji, R. Nishi, H. Ago, Y. Ohno*
"High output voltage generation of over 5 V from liquid motion on single-layer MoS2"
Nano Energy, 68, 194370 (2020). (link ).
Press release: Kyushu Univ. and Nagoya Univ.


[145] U. Erkılıç, P. Solís-Fernández, H. G. Ji, K. Shinokita, Y.-C. Lin, M. Maruyama, K. Suenaga, S. Okada, K. Matsuda, H. Ago*
"Vapor phase selective growth of two-dimensional perovskite/WS2 heterostructures for optoelectronic applications".
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 11(43), 40503-40511 (2019). (link ).

[144] H. G. Ji, P. Solís-Fernández, D. Yoshimura, M. Maruyama, T. Endo, Y. Miyata, S. Okada, H. Ago*
"Chemically tuned p- and n-type WSe2 monolayers with high carrier mobility for advanced electronics"
Adv. Mater., 31(42), 1903613 (2019). (link ).


[143] A. B. Taslim, H. Nakajima, Y.-C. Lin, Y. Uchida, K. Kawahara, T. Okazaki, K. Suenaga, H. Hibino, H. Ago*
"Synthesis of sub-millimeter single-crystal grains of aligned hexagonal boron nitride on epitaxial Ni film"
Nanoscale, 11, 14668-14675 (2019) (link ).

[142] P. Gomasang, K. Kawahara, K. Yasuraoka, H. Ago, S. Okada, K. Ueno*
"A novel graphene barrier against moisture by multiple stacking large-grain graphene"
Sci. Rep., 9, 3777 (2019) (link ).

[141] H. Nakajima, T. Morimoto*, Y. Okigawa, T. Yamada, Y. Ikuta, K. Kawahara, H. Ago, T. Okazaki*
"Imaging of local structures affecting electrical transport properties of large graphene sheets by lock-in thermography"
Sci. Adv., 5(2), eaau3407 (2019) (link ).
Press release: Kyushu Univ. and AIST

[140] K. Kanahashi, N. Tanaka, Y. Shoji, M. Maruyama, I. Jeon, K. Kawahara, M. Ishihara, M. Hasegawa, H. Ohta, H. Ago, Y. Matsuo, S. Okada, T. Fukushima, T. Takenobu*
"Formation of environmentally stable hole-doped graphene films: Instantaneous and high-density carrier doping by a boron-based oxidant"
npj 2D Mater. and Applications, 3, 7 (2019) (link ).


[139] H. G. Ji, M. Maruyama, A. Sukma Aji, S. Okada, K. Matsuda, H. Ago*
"Van der Waals interaction-induced photoluminescence weakening and multilayer growth in epitaxially aligned WS2"
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., DOI: 10.1039/C8CP04418J (2018) (link ) .

[138] K. Suenaga, H. G. Ji, Y.-C. Lin, T. Vincent, M. Maruyama, A. Sukma Aji, Y. Shiratsuchi, D. Ding, K. Kawahara, S. Okada, V. Panchal, O. Kazanova, H. Hibino, K. Suenaga, H. Ago*
"Surface-mediated aligned growth of monolayer MoS2 and in-plane heterostructures with graphene on sapphire"
ACS Nano, 12, 10032-10044 (2018) (link ) .

[137] H. Imaeda,T Koyama,* H. Kishida, K. Kawahara, H. Ago, R. Sakakibara, W. Norimatsu, T. Terasawa, J. Bao, M. Kusunoki
"Acceleration of photocarrier relaxation in graphene achieved by epitaxial growth: ultrafast photoluminescence decay of monolayer graphene on SiC"
J. Phys. Chem. C, 122(33), 19273-19279 (2018) (link ) .

[136] Y. Uchida, S. Nakandakari, K. Kawahara, S. Yamasaki, M. Mitsuhara, H. Ago*
"Controlled growth of large-area uniform multilayer hexagonal boron nitride as an effective 2D substrate"
ACS Nano, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.8b03055 (2018) (link ) .

[135] Y. Miyoshi, Y. Fukazawa, Y. Amasaka, R. Reckmann, T. Yokoi, K. Ishida, K. Kawahara, H. Ago, H. Maki*
"High-speed and on-chip graphene blackbody emitters for optical communications by remote heat transfer"
Nature Commun., 1279 (2018) (link ) .

[134] P. Gomasang, T. Abe, K. Kawahara, Y. Wasai, N. Nabatova-Gabain, N. T. Cuong, H. Ago, S. Okada, K. Ueno*
"Moisture barrier properties of single-layer graphene deposited on Cu films for Cu metallization"
Jpn. J. Appl. Phys, 57, 04FC08 (2018) (link ) .

[133] M. Tsuji,* K. Matsuda, M. Tanaka, S. Kuboyama, K. Uto, N. Wada, H. Kawazumi, T. Tsuji, H. Ago, J. Hayashi
"Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of methyl orange by Au/TiO2 nanoparticles under neutral and acidic solutions"
ChemistySelect, in press (2018).

[132] H. G. Ji, Y.-C. Lin, K. Nagashio, M. Maruyama, P. Solís Fernández, A. Sukma Aji, V. Pancahl, S. Okada, K. Suenaga, H. Ago*
"Hydrogen-assisted epitaxial growth of monolayer tungsten disulfide and seamless grain stitching"
Chem. Mater., 30(2), 403-411 (2018) (link ) .

[131] A. Sukma Aji, M. Izumoto, K. Suenaga, K. Yamamoto, H. Nakashima, H. Ago*
"Two-step synthesis and characterizations of vertically stacked SnS-WS2 and SnS-MoS2 p-n heterojunctions"
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 20, 889-897 (2018) (link ) .

[130] D. Ding, H. Hibino, H. Ago*
"Grain boundaries and gas barrier property of graphene revealed by dark-field optical microscopy"
J. Phys. Chem. C, 122(1), 902-911 (2018) (link ) .


[129] A. Sukma Aji, P. Solís Fernández, H. Ji, K. Fukuda, H. Ago*
"High mobility WS2 transistors realized by multi-layer graphene electrodes and application to high responsivity flexible photodetector"
Adv. Funct. Mater., 1703448 (2017) (link ) .

[128] H. Kinoshita, I. Jeon, M. Maruyama, K. Kawahara, Y. Terao, D. Ding, R. Matsumoto, Y. Matsuo, S. Okada, H. Ago*
"Highly Conductive and Transparent Large-Area Bilayer Graphene Realized by MoCl5 Intercalation"
Adv. Mater., 1702141 (2017) (link ) .

[127] P. Solís Fernández, M. A. Bissett, H. Ago*
"Synthesis, structure and applications of graphene-based 2D heterostructures"
Chem. Soc. Rev., 46(15), 4572-4613 (2017). (link )
Highly cited: one of the top 5% of authors, highly cited in the Royal Society of Chemisty journals in 2019

[126] D. Ding, P. Solís Fernández, R. Mohamad Yunus, H. Hibino, H. Ago*
"Behavior and role of superficial oxygen in Cu for the growth of large single-crystalline graphene"
Appl. Surf. Sci., 408, 142–149 (2017). (link )

[125] Y. Uchida, T. Iwaizako, S. Mizuno, M. Tsuji, H. Ago*
"Epitaxial chemical vapour deposition growth of monolayer hexagonal boron nitride on Cu(111)/sapphire substrate"
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 19, 8230-8235 (2017). (link )


[124] D. Ding, P. Solís Fernández, H. Hibino, H. Ago*
"Spatially-controlled nucleation of single-crystal graphene on Cu assisted by stacked Ni"
ACS Nano, 10(12), 11196-11204 (2016) (link )

[123] H. Wang, K. Kurata, T. Fukunaga, H. Ago, H. Takamatsu,* X. Zhang,* T. Ikuta, K. Takahashi, T. Nishiyama, T. Takada
"A general method of fabricating free-standing, monolayer grapheneelectronic device and its property characterization"
Sens. Actuators A, 247, 24-29 (2016) (link )

[122] N. Fujita, D. Matsumoto, Y. Sakurai, K. Kawahara, H. Ago, T. Takenobu, K. Marumoto*
"Direct observation of electrically induced Pauli paramagnetism in single-layer graphene using ESR spectroscopy"
Sci. Rep., 6, 34966 (2016) (link )

[121] M. Tsuji,* D. Shimamoto, K. Uto, M. Hattori, H. Ago
"Enhancement of catalytic activity of AgPd@Pd/TiO2 nanoparticles under UV & visible photoirradiation"
J. Mater. Chem. A, 4, 14649 (2016) (link )

[120] H. Wang, K. Kurata, T. Fukunaga, H. Takamatsu,*, X. Zhang,*, T. Ikuta, K. Takahashi, T. Nishiyama, H. Ago, Y. Takata
"Simultaneous measurement of electrical and thermal conductivities of suspended monolayer graphene"
J. Appl. Phys., 119(24), 244306 (2016.6) (link )

[119] Y. Takesaki, K. Kawahara, H. Hibino, S. Okada, M. Tsuji, H. Ago*
"Highly uniform bilayer graphene on epitaxial Cu-Ni(111) alloy"
Chem. Mater., 28(13), 4583-4592 (2016) (link )
Selected as ACS Editors' Choice (to ACS website )
Listed as a Most Download Article (#1) on June 6, 2016.

[118] T. Koyama,* K. Mizutani, H. Ago, H. Kishida
Two-Step Excitation Triggered by One-Photon Absorption on Linear Dispersion in Monolayer Graphene"
J. Phys. Chem. C, 120, 11225-11229 (2016.5). (link )

[117] S. Dushenko, H. Ago, K. Kawahara, T. Tsuda, T. Takenobu, T. Shinjo, Y. Ando, M. Shiraishi*
"Gate-tunable spin-charge conversion and a role of spin-orbit interaction in graphene"
Phys. Rev. Lett., 116(16), 166102 (2016.4). (link )

[116] H. Ago,* S. Fukamachi, H. Endo, P. Solís Fernández, R. M. Yunus, Y. Uchida, V.Panchal, O. Kazakova, M. Tsuji
ACS Nano, 10.1021/acsnano.5b05879 (link )

[115] H. Wang, K. Kurata, T. Fukunaga, H. Takamatsu,*, X. Zhang,*, T. Ikuta, K. Takahashi, T. Nishiyama, H. Ago, Y. Takata
"In-situ measurement of the heat transport in defectengineered free-standing single-layer graphene""
Sci. Rep., 6, 21823 (2016) .(link )

[114] P. Solís Fernández, S. Okada, T. Sato, M. Tsuji, H. Ago*
"Gate-tunable Dirac point of molecular doped graphene"
ACS Nano, DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.6b00064 (2016). (link )

[113] H. Wang, K. Kurata, T. Fukunaga, H. Takamatsu,* X. Zhang,* T. Ikuta, K. Takahashi, H. Ago, Y. Takata
"A simple method for fabricating free-standing large area fluorinated single-layer graphene with size-tunable nanopores"
Carbon, 99, 564-570 (2016). (link )


[112] R. Mohamad Yunus, H. Endo, M. Tsuji, H. Ago*
"Vertical heterostructure of MoS2 and graphene nanoribbons by two-step chemical vapor deposition for high-gain photodetectors"
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., DOI: 10.1039/C5CP03958D (2015). (link )

[111] H. Ago,* Y. Ohta, H. Hibino D. Yoshimura, R. Takizawa, Y. Uchida, M. Tsuji, T. Okajima, H. Mitani, S. Mizuno
"Growth dynamics of single-layer graphene on epitaxial Cu surfaces"
Chem. Mater., web published, DOI: 10.1021/acs.chemmater.5b01871 (2015). (link )

[110] M. Hattori, D. Shimamoto, H. Ago, M. Tsuji*
"AgPd@Pd/TiO2 nanocatalyst synthesis by microwave heating in aqueous solution for efficient hydrogen production from formic acid "
J. Mater. Chem. A, 3(20), 10666-10670 (2015). (link )

[109] H. Ago,* H. Endo, P. Solís Fernández, R. Takizawa, Y. Ohta, Y. Fujita, K. Yamamoto, M. Tsuji
"Controlled van der Waals Epitaxy of Monolayer MoS2 Triangular Domains on Graphene"
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces., (DOI: 10.1021/am508569m) (link ).

[108] Q.-Y. Li, K. Takahashi, H. Ago, X. Zhang,* T. Ikuta, T. Nishiyama, K. Kawahara
"Temperature dependent thermal conductivity of a suspended submicron graphene ribbon"
J. Appl. Phys., 117, 065102 (2015). (link ).

[107] P. Solís Fernández, M. A. Bissett, M. Tsuji, H. Ago*
"Tunable doping of graphene nanoribbon arrays by chemical functionalization"
Nanoscale, in press (DOI: 10.1039/C4NR07007K ). (link )

[106] T. Kawasaki, K. Sugawara, A. Dobroiu, T. Eto, Y. Kurita, K. Kojima, Y. Yabe, H. Sugiyama, T. Watanabe, T. Suemitsu, Victor Ryzhii, K. Iwatsuki*, T. Otsuji,* Y. Fukada, J. Kani, J. Terada, N. Yoshimoto, K. Kawahara, H. Ago
"Graphene-channel FETs for photonic frequency double-mixing conversion over thesub-THz band"
Solid-State Electron., 103, 216-221 (2015.1). (link )