Optoelectronics Functional Materials

Research Prof. Toshiro Doi

Realization of a high efficiency and optimized polishing process for the crystal substrates through the establishment of an organic R&D organization, participated by Kyushu University and the industries involved in the ultra-precision polishing process such as crystal growth and machine manufacturing, materials and consumables production, etc., with an aim to strengthen Japan 's industrial competitiveness internationally.

Project name:

Ultra-Precision Processing Technology for the Optoelectronics Functional Materials, and its Applications to the Development of Device Technologies

Project leader:

Research Prof. & Prof. Emeritus Toshiro Doi

Room 608, C-CUBE, Chikushi Campus
PHONE : +81-92-501-8570

Organization (joint R&D partners)

Kyushu University, Fujikoshi Machinery Corp., Fujibo Ehime Co., Ltd., Namiki Precision Jewel Co.,Ltd

Research area

Focusing on the wide-gap semiconductor substrates, recently drawing attentions as next generation green device such as SiC, GaN, Diamond, etc., a study on the high efficiency polishing process will be conducted to process above hard-to-process materials to an atomic order high quality while leveraging the singular characteristics inherent in such materials. Specifically, with respect to the various component technologies and processing consumables such as pads/tools and slurries/abrasive, used in each phase of the rough, intermediate and finishing processes, we will carry out a thorough investigation to achieve optimized parameters, and then to establish elemental technologies in which processing consumables are integrated and reciprocally employed. The goal is to realize an innovative processing system, equipped with the optimized and integrated elemental technologies. Furthermore, we have developed “novel plasma fusion CMP® machine” combining CMP and plasma-CVM. Technologies and products obtained in the respective area of the research will be elaborated for the commercial use, contributing to the promotion of green device technologies into practical use.


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  • Handbook of Ceramics Grinding and Polishing(2nd ed.), Elsevier(Nov., 2014)
A New ultra-precision smart CMP/processing development by the university-and-industries consortium

A New ultra-precision smart CMP/processing development by the university-and-industries consortium

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