KOINE Project Division

This division provides to create new research platforms based on open innovation specified by KOINE concept at Kyushu University, where academia, industry and governmental organizations can collaborate together. KOINE is an abbreviation of Kyudai (Kyushu University’s) global Open Innovation Network Engine one hand, but actually KOINE is an English word originated from ancient Greek, which represents common language. KOINE division aims to create new research fields as well as industries based on KOINE or common idea and core technology, which is brought from the discussion among people with different backgrounds joining from inside and outside of Kyushu University.


NanoFactory research platform :
Establishment of Global research platform based on atomic layer deposition technology
by Prof. Harada
Cold Tech research platform :
Regional circulation symbiotic system on food, energy, and information
by Prof. Harada
Soft-Mechanics I :
Development and Social Implementation of Welfare Equipments for Anti Bed sore Mattress, Walking Assist-Suit and so on
by Visiting Prof. Maeda
Advanced Materials Research :
Development of Next Generation Functional Materials
by Visiting Prof. Watanabe
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