KOINE stands for a new open innovation model designed by Kyushu University Its word origin is a common language "KOINE” used in ancient Greek.
By sharing common values for problem solving, people who have different nationality, language and specialties works on tasks together with this organization, which leads to create new innovation at wide-range of fields.

01 Create new business at research field


To provide free and open opportunity for exchanging ideas, participants who have different backgrounds, perspectives will develop and share common values and seek out new research subjects out of social issues and create new business.

02 Concentrate and share global wisdoms

To accumulate various collective knowledge such as tips of discussion, experiments at ICT system(Jupyter), research value chain will be formed by sharing them among members.

03 Create industry innovation

To form best team and genuine partnership based on membership enables to challenge difficult and complicated tasks and realize creation of industrial innovation, which reform social system.

04 Foster prominent researchers

To provide opportunities to nurture prominent researchers in multi-cultural environment (open-minded researchers・excellent research managers) and entrepreneurs who aim to create venture business.

Global Innovation Center at Kyushu University


Diversified research platform


  • Univ・official and private sector(domestic/overseas) form global research team on their interests.
  • Member of KOINE can access to other research team according to their interests and needs.
  • How to access other research unit; Obtaining information related research through Jupyter/ E-mail, Face-to-Face meeting

example of platform

PF1: NanoFactory
Leading Materials, process, devices, Nano-sized
foundry based on application research
PF2: Agri-food
Multidisciplinary study of Agriculture and food for
sustainable society realization
PF3: NanoFoundry
Two dimensional atomic layers: from fundamental
study to industrial applications
PF4: Digital Humanities
Multidisciplinary research | Computer science,
Humanities, Sociology and Law

Access to Intensive Knowledge

  • Jupyter will realize not only* Research resource also accumulation and share of information.
  • Each member of KOINE can access Jupyter anytime, anywhere.
  • Jupyter provides consistent information management service. (from research creation, basic research, applied research to commercialization)


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